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Tuition Fee

The 2020 tuition fees of SJTU SCE International Summer Sessions are as follows:

June/July Session
  1 Course 2 Courses 3 Courses
Pay by 2019/12/15
Total $2793/¥20110 $3404/¥24510 $4043/¥29110
Regular Price
Total $3321/¥23910 $4099/¥29510 $4849/¥34910

3 Courses (in two sessions)

4 Courses 5 Courses 6 Courses
Pay by 2019/12/15
Total $4807/¥34610 $5571/¥40110 $6335/¥45610 $7099/¥51110
Regular Price
Total $5613/¥40410 $6376/¥45910 $7140/¥51410 $7904/¥56910


December Session
  1 Course 2 Courses 3 Courses
Pay by 2020/6/30
Total AUD 3880/CNY17460 AUD 4931/CNY22190 AUD 5864/CNY26390
Pay by 2020/8/25
Total AUD 4213/CNY18960 AUD 5264/CNY23690 AUD 6198/CNY27890
Pay by 2020/9/23
Total AUD 4391/CNY19760 AUD 5442/CNY24490 AUD 6376/CNY28690
Pay by 2019/10/21
Total AUD 4636/CNY20860 AUD 5687/CNY25590 AUD 6620/CNY29790
Pay by 2020/11/25
Total AUD 4813/CNY21660 AUD 5864/CNY26390 AUD 6798/CNY30590
Pay by 2020/12/16
Total AUD 5036/CNY22660 AUD 6087/CNY27390 AUD 7020/CNY31590


Payment Method

Below is the official bank account info:

Account name: 上海交通大学

Bank account: 439059226890

Bank name: 中国银行上海市交通大学支行

Please Note: Accommodation fees can't be paid along with the tuition. Please don't pay your accommodation fees to the above bank account.

Our university will issue an invoice with the name of the student as invoice title, after confirming a student’s payment for the tuition fees.  Students can claim their invoices when the courses start.


Refund Policies

Full tuition payments will be refunded if you cancel your registration before the refund deadlines. Students who withdraw later than the deadline may be entitled to a portion of the tuition fees for a given schedule. To apply for refund, please click the details button, download the application form, and fill in the information. Our staff will contact you and deal with your refund after receiving your application.

For students who change the number of registered courses within the same session, refund amount will be the difference of tuition payment prior to and after the change. For example, if you change from three courses to two courses in June Session, the refund amount would be the difference of the tuition payments for three courses deduct that of two courses. We will refer to the refund application date and schedule to calculate your refund amount.

According to the University Refunds Policy, when applying for refunding

student who pay the tuition by bank transfer need to provide evidence of payment. The refunds will return to the account which made the payment.

Students who pay the tuition on site need to offer

  1. The original invoice (if applicable)
  2. A photocopy of the debit card for receiving the refunds
  3. A photocopy of both sides of the cardholder’s Identity card

In principle, the refunds need to be transferred back to the student’s card. However, if the students submit a new card for refunds and the cardholder is neither the student nor the original payer, he/she need to provide relevant documents to prove the relationship between the student and the cardholder (e.g. Household Register or a statement of kinship).

July Session
Before June 16, 2020 100% refund
June 16, 2020-June 29, 2020 50% refund
After June 29, 2020 no refund
July Online Session(6.22-7.17)
Before June 9, 2020 100% refund
June 9, 2020-June 22, 2020 50% refund
After June 22, 2020 no refund
July Online Session(6.29-7.24)
Before June 16, 2020 100% refund
June 16, 2020-June 29, 2020 50% refund
After June 29, 2020 no refund
December Session
Before December 4, 2020 100% refund
December 4, 2020-December 17, 2020 50% refund
After December 17, 2020 no refund

Please note that we do not refund through cash. Transaction fees (if any) will be deducted from the total amount of refund. ​

SJTU SCE Summer School reserves the right to cancel a course if it has enrolled less than five students two weeks before the start of the course instruction. In the case of course cancellation, all enrolled students will be notified by email.

All deadlines end at 11:59pm Beijing time unless indicated.

All refunds will be processed within approximately one month.

* The price show above covers tuition and fees for student activities offered by summer school, student registration and offering and shipping the first copy of the official transcripts. Other costs during the summer sessions are not included, such as dinning, transportation and transcripts verification etc.