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Q:Who can apply for Summer School of SJTU LEC?

A:All full-time undergraduate students who are currently enrolled in the universities are welcome to apply for the program. We also welcome the working professionals and those who would like to experience the Foreign University courses. We will assist and help applicants based on their conditions.

Q: How to apply for Summer School?

A:For SJTU students, please register your courses via the course selection system.
For non-SJTU students, please log onto the“Application”to register for courses.

Q: When can I apply for this program?

A: The application system for 2023 Summer School is open. We encourage students to contact their Academic Advisor at home university and apply for the program as early as possible, in order to secure your place for the selected courses.

Q: What should I do if I have problem during application?

A: Please call us at 021-62934274 or send us email to summercourse@sjtu.edu.cn;sjtusummercourse@vip.163.com, or scan the QR code to raise your inquiry, and our staff will walk you through the process.

Q:Can I change/add/drop the courses?

A: Yes. Students can change/add/drop courses in the application system after paying full tuition fees, on condition that the courses are not fully enrolled. In case you change the number of courses you selected, which result in the change of tuition fees, please call us at 021-62934274 or send us email to summercourse@sjtu.edu.cn;sjtusummercourse@vip.163.com.


Q: When will the SJTU LEC Summer School start?

A:In 2023, SJTU LEC Summer School will open two sessions in July and December. The first session is from June 26, 2023 to July 21, 2023 (Monday to Friday),  the second session is from December 12, 2022 to January 6, 2023(Monday to Friday). Please refer to “Course List”for detailed arrangement, and aware of the class schedules in case of time conflicts.

Q: Where can I find detailed course information?

A:Students can find course information in the“Course List

Q: How many courses can I take at most?

A: In order to ensure the quality of learning, students are advised to select one to three courses.

Q: How many students in each class?

A: The limitation of each class is 85 students, except that up to 25 students in English Writing and Public Speaking classes.

Q:Do I need to buy my own textbooks?

A:Textbooks are not provided and students are required to obtain their textbooks before the start of the classes. The textbooks can be purchased on Amazon and Course Smart, which are convenient and less expensive.

Q:When is the examination? What is the format?

A:Generally speaking, each course will have the mid-term and final exams, which will be arranged by the professors.

Q:How can I receive my transcript after the program?

A:We will start to process and mail students’ transcripts right after the program, which usually takes four to six weeks for students to receive their transcripts. The transcripts will be sent to the address that students provided during course registration. If you request additional transcripts, please send email to sjtusummercourse@vip.163.com. Students need to pay RMB 50 for each additional transcript and be responsible for the mailing cost occurred.


Q: Will LEC Summer School provide accommodations?

A: We will provide students will limited off-campus accommodations. Due to limited resources, the accommodation reservation will be on “first come, first serve” basis according to the payment time

Q: Are there any meal options around the campus?

A: There are a variety of choices for students to eat around the campus to meet their tastes.

Q: Besides attending courses, what other activities are available?

A: Shanghai is an international city, and we have prepared a huge variety of leisure activities for you to communicate with the professors and classmates, and build up your own social network. Besides, you can also arrange your own activities with classmates and friends, and to spend a wonderful summer.

Q: Can I access to campus facilities?

A: The study rooms are free to use. Other sports facilities, such as badminton, table tennis need to pay extra fees.