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Tuition Fee

The tuition fees for International Summer School at Lifelong Education College, Shanghai Jiao Tong University are as follows:

2023 December Session (online)

  1 Course 2 Courses 3 Courses
Pay by 2023/11/29
Total AUD 5169/CNY 24810 AUD 6002/CNY 28810 AUD 7044/CNY 33810
Pay by Regular Price
Total AUD 5294/CNY 25410 AUD 6127/CNY 29410 AUD 7169/CNY 34410

2023 December Session (in person)

  1 Course 2 Courses 3 Courses
Pay by 2023/11/29
Total AUD 5585/CNY 26810 AUD 6419/CNY 30810 AUD 7460/CNY 35810
Pay by Regular Price
Total AUD 5710/CNY 27410 AUD 6544/CNY 31410 AUD 7585/CNY 36410

2023 December Session (in person&online)

  2 Courses 3 Courses
Pay by 2023/11/29
Total AUD 6419/CNY 30810 AUD 7460/CNY 35810
Pay by Regular Price
Total AUD 6544/CNY 31410 AUD 7585/CNY 36410

*Application Deadline: December 15, 2023

*Above mentioned tuition fees include the tuition for the programs, fees for the school-organized events, register fee, cost for sending one hard copy of the transcript. It does not include any other cost which happens during or after the program (e.g., food, transportation, transcript evaluation, etc.)

*Due to the change of exchange rate, SJTU LEC reserves the right to modify tuition based on RMB.

*In Person & Online Session: if students wish to mainly join the in-person program but take one or more courses online, they could choose the In-person & Online Session. However, only one course format can be chosen for each course.

*If the number of registered students is under 11 for a course, SJTU LEC has the right to cancel the course.

Payment Method

Bank transfer (RMB only). The bank details are as follows:

Account name: 上海交通大学

Bank account: 439059226890

Bank name: 中国银行上海市交通大学支行

*Please be noted that accommodation fees should be paid separately. Please do not transfer the accommodation fees to the above-mentioned bank account with the tuition.Please make sure that you leave a note on the transaction: LEC+your name+Application number (e.g LEC Zhangsan 18888).


After finishing the payment, please log in user center-my application and submit the bank receipt and click on confirm the payment. It will be confirmed within three business days.

The Information on the Invoice

The invoice issued will be a digital one. It will be issued to the student, and the items will be listed as training. The code will be sent to the student after the orientation.If students wish the invoice to be issued to a specific company/person, please submit the information on https://www.wjx.cn/vm/erZ6TGr.aspx# within five days of the payment. Once submitted, the information cannot be changed.

Refund Policies
2023 December Session
Before 5pm December 15, 2023 100% refund
5pm December 15 -5pm December 19, 2023 50% refund
After 5pm December 19, 2023 no refund

*All the deadlines for the above-mentioned dates are Beijing time.

For students who reduce courses for the same program, the refund amount will be the difference between the tuition fees for different course package of the same program at the time of payment. For example, if three courses are changed to two courses for the January program, The refund amount is the difference between the price of the three courses at the time of payment and that of the two courses. The specific refund amount is based on the refund application dates and schedules.

Refund Documents

According the SJTU refund policy. Refunds will be credited to the original method of payment.

1. Refund application form. Please log in to user center-my application to submit a refund application, and download a refund application form. After filling out the form, please sign on the form and upload it to the system.

2. The proof of payment. Please submit the scan copy of bank receipt or the screenshot of the bank wire transfer-proof.

3. The scan copy or picture of the payment’s bank card(bank account side).

4. The scan copy or picture of the student's ID card(photo side).

If the payer is not the student, the additional material is the scan copy or picture of the payer's ID card(photo side).

Refund Timetable

The student needs to submit the complete refund documents within 7 days of the refund application.All the refunds will be completed in about 30 working days upon receipt of the above required documents. In case of public holidays and school winter and summer vacations, the refund processing time will be postponed accordingly.